About Us

Our company has been operating in the field of international transport since 2009. We provide services at a great number of locations of the world thanks to our strong network on sea, air, land and rail transportation.

In other words, you are at the right address for all your imported and exported cargoes which you will ship to any location in the world or which you will organise from any location in the world.

In our opinion, the concept of logistics refers to a great number of phases along with transportation. In order to do this, we not only bring together all modes in international transportation but also analyse the mode of transportation which suits your requirements and goals best and ensure your cargoes to reach the final destination in a safe and sound manner in accordance with such purpose. In addition to all these, we can also generate solutions for our customers in such fields as warehousing, inventory management and customs clearance.

Keep your expectations at the optimum level while working with us because we just think as you do and try to offer you the best.

We, DSL Lojistik, are always proud of being your lighthouse which lights your path and guides you at each and every phase of the logistic service we provide and even thereafter.