Sea Transportation


While the sea transportation increasingly keeps being a more reliable, faster and more cost-effective mode of transportation, it is also the most preferred one among the modes of international transportation.
All products taking a role in the global trade are carried from port to port or from door to door between the countries and even between the continents by sea.

DSL Lojistik has targeted to offer its customers sea transportation service with regular, fast and different alternatives between the trade points all over the world.

Complete Container (FCL) Sea Transportation

We provide sea transport on port-to-port or door-to-door basis at most reasonable prices, taking into consideration the transit time and customer expectations. Thanks to our broad network of agents, we achieve the overseas customs clearance and ex-door delivery services without any problems.

Partial (LCL) Sea Transportation

We allow our customers to use the space in a container partially for their cargoes of such weight and volume which will not fill up a container and share the costs of carrying more than one cargo in a container with other cargo owners thanks to this system.

Project and Personal Property Transportation

We, DSL Lojistik, have international home-to-home transport system. Through our professional agents established abroad, we can carry the commodities of our customers to each and every location all over the world in a problem-free manner by sea or land.

Transit Cargo Transportation

Turkey is a big transit country in the global trade.
At this point, we, DSL Lojistik, provide our customers with fast and reliable service in the transit transport of any products manufactured in the countries other than Turkey to both the Middle  East and the Turkic Republics as well as in the transit transport of any products manufactured in those countries through the combinations which we have established with several modes of transport.
Value added services we provide:

  • Container loading at the port
  • Consolidation
  • Customs clearance
  • Cargo tracking and monitoring
  • Warehousing
  • Loading/Discharging reminder