Rail Transportation

Rail transportation is a cost-effective mode of transport for heavy-weight and voluminous cargoes.

Our company provides railroad services to both CIS (Community of Independent States) countries and Europe.

Carriage is provided by means of 20’ 40’ and 45’ containers for the European region and by means of 20’ and 40’ containers and 139 m3 or 158 m3 and 68-tonnes rail cars for CIS.

As the railway gauge fails to fit the railway gauge in the CIS countries, cargoes loaded from Turkey to the region should be transferred to other cars at the transfer stations. For our customers who do not choose this kind of handling, we load their cargoes into containers in Turkey and then transfer them to platform cars without unsealing the container at the transfer station.

We are capable of carrying out the pre-handling of your cargoes from each and every location throughout Turkey. The general practice for the CIS region is to deliver the materials to the buyer at the station. However, it is possible to deliver the goods at the doorstep in Europe.


Cargoes sent to Batumi/Poti, Georgia in containers or on trucks are transferred to rail cars there. They cross the Caspian Sea from the port of Alat in Azerbaijan by ferry and shipped to the CIS countries via either Türkmenbaşı, Turkmenistan or the ports of Aktau or Kuryk, Kazakhstan.  We also carry cargoes to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kirghizstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, and Mongolia.

We also carry cargoes in containers to the region above Novorossysk, Russia. This route provides price advantages most of the times.

And on the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars (BTK), we load the cargos on board the TCDD (Turkish State Railways) cars and then transfer them to CIS cars.

Cargoes are loaded on board the Russian cars on the Çerkezköy – Varna, Bulgaria – Kavkaz Russia line.
In case of loadings in Iran, we load the cargoes at Astara and provide connection across the Caspian Sea via Alat.